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Book Review - How They Keep You Poor


About the Author:

Jasmin Hajro was born on July 6th, 1985 in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

He grew up in the village of Gora and went to school there.

When the war started, the family moved a few times in Bosnia, and eventually, Jasmin, 

his mother and his sister fled the country.

His father stayed back to fight as a soldier.

The family fled to the Netherlands where he resides now.

Jasmin suffered serious personal tragedies both mentally and physically before

he started his company in 2015, Hajro, selling greeting cards and gift mugs door-to-door,

and ventured into writing after work.

He wrote and self-published his first book, Build Your Fortune, in 2017.

He is now the author of more

than 50 books. His books are published in both the Dutch and English languages.

The Hajro company donates to two charities in the Netherlands.

Jasmin’s website is where you can learn about the author,

his personal tragedies, and the journey that spurred his writing endeavors.

Title of Book: How They Keep You Poor

There are many things that keep you poor, some you can change, some you can’t. The biggest reason is poor thinking and poor behavior - Jasmin Hajro

In this book, Mr.Jasmin Hajro outlines 42 ways to tackle poverty through a comprehensive approach.

In part of his synopsis, he writes that by understanding how the system works against an individual, you can take proactive steps to break free from the cycle of poverty and gain control of your financial future.

Mr. Hajro’s tactics to elevate himself from a state of poverty are explained in detail in the book. He has written his tactical solutions based on experience. 

Investing in oneself through education is an important factor for him. He has given clear examples to obtain the necessary credentials to gain recognition in the field of sales and entrepreneurship.

A point he is serious about is understanding the importance of adopting a positive mindset towards money and wealth creation in order to achieve financial goals.

This book will inspire readers with Mr. Hajro’s real-life experiences to think outside the box and explore new opportunities for financial growth.

As an author, he provides ways and means of rising in one’s chosen field through his various publications of non-fiction books. 

Shobana’s Note:

Poverty-minded individuals often lack not only resources but also the courage to invest in

themselves to secure a better future.

A change in mindset is crucial in order to explore new opportunities and

attain better earning power in their chosen fields of expertise.

Based on Mr. Hajro’s experiences in this book, he has shown how he has

succeeded in his practical approach to obtaining success he pursued to

stand out in his career.

He lists 42 practical ways to achieve what you dream to aspire to be.

He also explains why entrepreneurs fail to achieve their desired targets.

Education, apart from hard work and perseverance is the key to attaining a better life

and a secure future.

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Book Review - How They Keep You Poor

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